October 29, 2017: Volunteer for On-Site Gardening

Fifteen volunteers joined  the Friends of Saving the Legacy of Seko Garden (FSLSG) for the first on-site action to save the legacy of Seko Garden.

We pruned  two large ceder trees supervised by experienced gardeners, along with pond and waterway and general clean-up.



Future events planned include the following:

  1. Follow up cleaning and raking of leaves at Seko garden potentially in early December.
  2. Organize special pine pruning workshop together with Seattle Japanese Garden and Kubota Garden
  3. Hold the first official meeting for the “Friends of Saving Legacy of Seko Garden” with a completion for filing for NPO with Koichi Kobayashi as the Director.
  4. Explore in participating in Japan Fair


to sign-up / for inquiries: 
Koichi Kobayashi,
Ph. 206 432 0496

Date and Time:
October 29, 2017

16010 SE 24th St., Bellevue, WA